A Bomb Cyclone Brings Massive Flooding to New EnglandAgain

Since early Friday morning, calls have been crackling across the Duxbury Fire Department dispatch center in a barrage of static. “Tree down on a mansion on Mayflower Street.” “Wires down on at Keene Street and Congress.” The seaside Massachusetts town is now firmly in the clutches of Winter Storm Riley, the massive Nor’Easter predicted to explosively develop through the weekend across a 700 -mile swath of New England. With onshore breezes already topping a hurricane-force 70 miles per hour, and a full moon Thursday night, officials across the region prepares for record coastal inundating events.

They just didn’t expect to be inundated again so soon. Though it’s looks a lot like it will be one of the most monster superstorms in history, Riley isn’t even the first one to reach this densely populated part of the country this year.

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