French Designer Creates Fairytale Dresses Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen

There is a massive online community of fashion designers from around the world who share truly breathtaking creations.

But what dressmaker Sylvie Facon from France is able to achieve with her wearable works of art would stun even the most seasoned manner buff. To generate her gorgeous garments, she employs any substances she can get her hands on, as long as she belief she can stimulate them work for her eyesight. She’s even applied the spines of old, hard-cover books to build whimsical bodices.

Her style knows no limits, with clear affects from bridal way, steampunk trends, and motifs that definitely sounds like the latter are rent right from the pages of Cinderella.

She’s a true-life artist in every appreciation, and she does whatever she has to when trying to achieve an effect. Here, she hand painted this scene of a town.

And this image of a violin.

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