Hell Hath No Fury Like Ana Navarro After Meghan McCain Questions Her About Her Stance On DACA WATCH!

Ana Navarro

can still recognize as a Republican AND still fight for DACA.

That’s a level Meghan McCain had a hard time understanding on The View on Monday, when she questioned the political commentator’s partisanship in a conversation about who’s to blame for the governmental forces shutdown.

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McCain instigated the heated debate by saying 😛 TAGEND

“You are demonstrating your partisanship if you do not place the same amount of blamed on President Trump that you did on President Obama … It is not intellectually honest to say this is completely Trump’s fault … I understand that DACA is a very emotional issue at this level, but most Republicans are on my side on this one, Ana, and it’s really difficult for me to understand sometimes why you still deem yourself a Republican.”

See, that’s where you messed up, bb.

Navarro burnt back with:

“Because I’m a Hispanic immigrant Latina. I came here through no the actions of my own … Had my parents not had visas, had my parents not had the resources to hire lawyers, I would be a DREAM Act kid, too. That’s why this is personal.”

Please watch the full exchange starting at the 6:25 mark( below )!!

Thoughts ?? SOUND OFF in the comments( below )!

[< em> Image via ABC .]

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