Man Exacts Absolutely Savage Revenge On Cheating Wife, Catching Her In The Act

There’s nothing quite like that overwhelming feeling of betrayal when you find out the person you desire has been cheating on you.

For some, that’s it — they’re does so with the relationship and immediately walk away. For others, that wrath, suffer, and rancour is so powerful they can’t defy the gratification of getting back at their former collaborators, even if that intends playing dumb until the few moments presents itself.

Redditor Itsme0 3 had suspected for a while that his wife was being unfaithful, which had been all but confirmed by her sneaky behaviour and late-night jaunts. That’s when he began working on a plan to disclose and humble her with payback as sweet as birthday cake.

Scroll down and read all about how this scorned spouse devoted his soon-to-be ex-wife what he calls “one of the best birthday presents I have ever given.”

Flickr/ Kimberly Vardeman