Report: Kylie Jenner Will Not Discuss Her Personal Life On Social Media From Now On!

Is Kylie Jenner simply NEVER going to address her pregnancy ???

This might be the case as reports have indicated that the KUWTK starlet has decided to keep her personal life completely separate from her brand. As you surely know, the 20 -year-old starlet has been pretty much raised in the spotlight.

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In addition to her time on the E! make, she’s also launched a successful makeup empire and has been dubbed a social media guru thanks to her sultry posts on Instagram and Snapchat. Which is why her silence amid this pregnancy has been so odd.

Apparently, per an Entertainment Tonight source, Kylie knows that she has young adherents and feels it’d be irresponsible to glamorize her 20 -something pregnancy. The source explained:

“Kylie is so excited about becoming a mom, but it’s not lost on her that she’s not your average 20 -year-old.”

We’re actually very impressed to discover this. The tipster went on to has demonstrated that Jenner will continue to promote charm and style tips through her many platforms, but — for the time being — will refrain from sharing any personal details.

They added 😛 TAGEND

“So much of her life is public. This is special and she wants to enjoy it.”

Fair enough. Although, we were able to adoration if it she would just confirmed that she is, IN FACT, with child.

* Sigh*

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