Why Do Zebras Have Stripes? Turns Out We Have No Idea

Living amongst the tall grasses of Africa, zebras naturally evolved skin patterns that allowed them to blend in with the sway shadowy plains. In addition, they use the width, darkness, and placement of the stripes to acknowledge one another.

Tim Caro/ UC Davis Seen here with its natural foe, the swatch.

Sounds pretty good, right?

None of that is true.

We didn’t make it up ourselves. Generations of biologists accepted those suggestions, until new surveys finally determined that the stripes may in fact entail nothing. By passing realm images of zebras through different filters, researchers found that the stripes furnish no actual camouflage in wooded or open fields, in period or nighttime. Also, the zebras’ predators have such a grown sense of smell that they would know a zebra is around long before they’d even be able to perceive the stripes.

Researchers also found that the stripes furnish no social advantage. And it attains appreciation; animals related to the zebra don’t have those particular tags, and they acknowledge one another just fine. So while it would be nice to imagine that zebras barcode-scan each other’s stripes like we’d shake hands, it’s simply not true.

Tim Caro/ UC Davis “I don’t need stripe patterns to know that part of turd Gary is in the top left. Where’s my five bucks, Gary ?! “

So that decides it. Zebras: officially just funny-looking.

And that zebra stripe gum we all had as children savors funny .

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